Fun Show Weekend

7 Feb

I went to the big city to a Fun Show this past Saturday and as I enter the building I see this sign.


The parking lot for this facility was full I had to make 3 circuits to find a parking place. There had to have been over 1000 people inside the facility, and due to the nature of the show and the people in attendance, I would estimate well over 1/2 of the people inside were permit holders. I heard some people discussing the sign after I got inside and it was not the show promoters who posted the sign. This event was held in a publicly owned building and it is a permanent policy of the management of the building. The people who were open carry had to unload their weapon and run a cable tie through it to render it unfireable just as the people carrying long guns to sell and trade were required to do. I could tell many of the people who were concealed carry were just exactly that; concealed! Quite a contradiction I would say to have a gun show in a facility that prohibits guns. Anyway, I went on inside to have a look around and was pleased with what I saw. There were plenty of guns for sale, and most of the new guns were priced fairly; nothing great but as fair as what you would encounter in a store. And as always, the used guns were terribly overpriced in my estimation. There was one vendor there with a good selection of old lever-action Winchesters priced between $1500-$2500. I have seen him at other shows and I don’t think he ever sells any of his guns, he just likes to lay them on the table and talk to people about them! There was a good bit of ammo for sale but it was all way overpriced, I had to pass on all of that. I see a lot of ammo on sale online, but most of those dealers require an ID on file to purchase but I have been hesitant to do that. I guess I might have to break down and get registered with one of the well-known companies in order to stock up on some bulk ammo while it is available again.


I did score a couple of 8 pound containers of powder from a vendor that had lots of powder and primers for sale. That is the first time I have seen a good supply available and it was priced fairly. Those jugs should last me a good while but I will keep my eyes open in case I run across some to add to my long-term preps.


I also picked up a complete AR-15 upper for a project I am working on. I will tell you more about that when I get finished. Oh and by the way, I keep following the news around the world and I am feeling more and more uneasy about the way things are looking. I haven’t been posting about them because if you are a regular reader I am just preaching to the choir and if you just stumbled across this blog by accident I would probably just be wasting my breath. I might get inspired and post my thoughts on something in the news a little later. Until then, keep prepping everyone.


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