Winter Storm Damage

5 Feb


Even though we escaped the brunt of the last winter storm, the freezing rain continued long enough to finally cause a tree to fall across the driveway to my barn.




It was a fairly large tree, and half of it fell into my yard and half of it fell into my neighbor’s yard. The temperatures are predicted to stay below freezing until Sunday; after that I will cut the tree up for firewood. The trees are still coated with ice and even though we are not expecting any more freezing precipitation for a while, so there won’t be much melting going on. If the wind starts blowing we might have more tree damage. We lost power for 2 hours yesterday so I am really hoping for some solar radiation to help melt some of the ice. I was in Lowe’s today and I watched an employee wheel in a display of garden seeds, so I guess Spring must be on the way!


I spent a half of an hour forgetting about Winter and thinking about warm, sunny Spring weather and planting some garden plants. Spring will be here someday, until then, keep prepping everyone!


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