Fence Building

1 Feb


I finally got around to finishing the part of the fence my neighbor paid to have done. I had to put a few more clips on the posts, but the main task was to hang the gate. We hung it up and got it perfectly level so I am calling this job completed and well done! You might notice the old barn on the other side of the fence, that is on the property the bank repossessed from my former neighbor. The neighbor said I could tear it down and keep the lumber if I wanted it. I finally got a chance to speak to a representative of the bank and he said the barn was not listed on the mortgage so as far as the bank was concerned I could tear it down. I went over and pulled a few boards off and I don’t know if it would be worth the effort because the planks are so dry rotted. The nails are stuck into the beams so firmly they feel like they are welded into the wood. When you try to pull the planks loose they just splinter. The beams are in good shape and I sure wouldn’t mind having those. I think I might give it another try this month if the weather will allow. Keep prepping everyone.


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