Keter Portable Work Table

17 Jan

During the Holidays I was shopping in Sam’s and I came across this item and I decided it was something I needed to have.


This portable table is manufactured by a company called Keter, and they sell lots of storage items. This table is heavy-duty but at the same time lightweight and portable.


It is also very easy to set-up, you literally just hold it up, push the latches on each side, then it unfolds and drops down.


You reach inside and snap two locks in place, raise up a center support, then the table is ready to use. The instructions say it takes 30 seconds to set up and I will agree it is that easy.


The company claims this table will hold 1000 pounds, but I think that would be pushing it. I am going to mount some small bench top tools such as a drill press on a piece of plywood then I can clamp the tool to the bench and that will make it portable and storable. The only thing that concerns me at this point is the durability of the clamps that come with it. I am not so sure they will hold up and it looks like you will have to use that specific clamp to fit into the table. I might just go ahead and order two more clamps and put them back so if I need to replace them in a few years I won’t find out they are no longer available. I’ll let you know how this works out. Keep prepping everyone!


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