Why Should I Prep? Nothing bad will ever happen to me!

12 Jan


You can click on the above link and find out just how wrong the title of this blog could be. the people in the capital of West Virginia have been unable to use water out of their faucets for drinking, cooking, bathing or cleaning. This chemical spill has affected people in 9 counties, over 300,000 people. It may be weeks before everyone has their water restored. As you might imagine, all the bottled water supplies in the area have been bought out and people are getting into fights at the stores, so much so that law enforcement has been diverted to service at places that do receive shipments of bottled water.


Would you like to be trapped in that situation? It has made me reassess my water supplies. You might remember I bought these water containers for our use here at our new home.


These stackable containers hold 7 gallons each which might be a problem for some people because that means each one weighs over 56 pounds.


You can also buy water in these containers which are 5 and 2 1/2 gallons. The smaller size would be easier to handle weight wise. Storing water can really take up a lot of space but it could be well worth it if you really need it. I recently discovered an acquaintance of mine is also a prepper. We were having dinner along with my business associate and my associate thinks prepping is crazy. This acquaintance and I were discussing our preps and he has 55 gallon barrels of water stored in his basement along with lots of other things. As we were discussing our preps my associate was sitting across the table just rolling his eyes and shaking his head. Well, when TSHTF guess where he will be coming to ask for help? He won’t be getting anymore help from me than the rest of my extended family because he has had plenty of opportunity and assets to get prepared. Oh well, I will keep trying to sway him. This news also made me aware of the fact I need to get going on my secondary water supply. I am going to get a shallow well for the homestead that is fitted with a hand pump. Sure that water will be hard and contain a high concentration of minerals and not taste too good, but if it is all you have it might seem mighty tasty at some point. I am also reminded that even though I have 4 of those 7 gallon containers filled up I haven’t used them in many months. I need to go pour out the old water and refresh the contents. If you do this in the summer, you could water some plants with the old water and nothing would go to waste. So just remember, keep prepping everyone!


2 Responses to “Why Should I Prep? Nothing bad will ever happen to me!”

  1. Lorilee January 12, 2014 at 11:44 pm #

    How long can you store it before you change it out?

    • doublebhomestead January 13, 2014 at 10:25 am #

      Lorilee, I think the general consensus is you can store tap water in an approved container, in a dark place for at least a year. If you treat it with bleach it would probably last longer but I prefer to just pour it out and refresh it! No need to drink anymore chemicals than you have to.

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