Grow A Vegetable Garden As Your 2014 “Gym” Membership And Save Big!

1 Jan

This is a great idea and I have been telling This to Sweet Thing all along!

Old World Garden Farms

It’s always amazing to watch the thousands of commercials for work-out facilities, weight loss supplements and diet plans that fill the airwaves right around the New Year. Over the next few weeks, one thing you can bank on is that memberships to gyms will soar. So will purchases of salads, fruits and vegetables – all in an effort by people to honor their New Year’s resolutions to eat and live better. Maybe this is the year to put the two processes together and work-out to grow your own!

Mary and I like to think we belong to the best gym of all – but for us, the “GYM” stands for Garden and Yard Maintenance. Not only is membership free – it comes with an added benefit – we end up with our own personal farmer’s market reward of fresh vegetables. It’s a win-win in the live better – eat better…

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