22 Dec

It rained all day Saturday so I stayed inside and cleaned up my man cave.


Over the years, I have acquired 14 old metal fishing rods and reels. These type of rods were in use before the 1940’s. After the Second World War, the scientific marvels of plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum tubes were developed and those materials soon became commonplace in the manufacture of fishing rods. When I first held one of these rods in my hand and made a false cast, I thought to myself “I can’t imagine using a rod like this all day long”. My arm would be like a limp spaghetti noodle after casting with this heavy steel for several hours. Anyway, I hung them up for display along the upper part of the walls in my cave, and the cats had to help me while I worked.


Hey! I can really see good from up here.


I’ll just hold down this box, you’re not using it are you?


I didn’t know the drawers opened up in these file cabinets!


I’ll just lay here and nap while you work, try to hold down the noise, OK?


Meanwhile in the house, Frank told Sweet Thing “I’m glad you laid these nice clean clothes out of the dryer onto the bed. It makes a nice warm place to take a nap.” Keep prepping everyone!


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