Wild Birds

10 Dec


I found this 1/2 of a wild bird in my man cave I am sharing with my cats. I guess he flew in through the pet door I installed in the door going outside. I keep the door propped open, the cats don’t like having to push it open, it scares them when they try.


I was scolding them for eating a poor little bird when we discovered another bird in the room. If you look up in the far upper left corner you can see the bird sitting up there. The cats are certainly keeping their eyes on it! I got my insect net and managed to capture the bird before the cats got to him. I carried him outside in the palm of my hand and when I opened my hand, off he flew! I bet he will learn to stay out of that room from now on. Our other cat, Frank, that stays inside now, used to be a ferocious hunter. He was always coming up to the steps with mice, voles, birds, squirrels, and rabbits.


But now-a-days, he prefers to just spend his days inside sleeping. Sweet Thing says I sleep just like that, with my face buried into my pillow. She doesn’t understand how I don’t suffocate sleeping in that position. I said I guess I must like that position or I wouldn’t sleep like that! What’s you favorite sleeping position?


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