Portable Garage

17 Nov


Sweet Thing and I spent all afternoon, and I mean all afternoon, putting the cover on the portable garage I bought at Harbor Freight. After working on it all afternoon, I wanted to find the Chinese dude that wrote the directions and kick his azz! The directions were obviously written for an earlier version of the garage, but they failed to update the instructions! If you are one of those anal retentive type people who insist on following the directions to the letter, you will hate assembling this garage. But if you are the type who can adapt, adjust, and improvise you can get the job done if you have the patience. The best thing to do is read the instructions to get a general idea what to do then throw the instructions away. I had already put the frame together per the instructions, but when I tried to put the tarps on the frame, I had to take apart most of what I had already assembled. But, we finally got it together and after securing it to the ground I think it will be OK. In fact, if the tarps they supplied had been twice as thick, I actually think this would be a really good product. We had thunderstorms and high winds last night and it is still in perfect condition. I don’t think it would hold-up in an area that gets heavy snowfall, I think it would either tear the material or collapse the frame. Around here our snow is light and infrequent so I think I got my moneys worth at $175. I’ll give you an update in a year or so. Until then keep prepping everyone!


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