Tricky Fencing

16 Nov

Sweet Thing and I spent a day finishing the fencing project we started between our property and our neighbor. I was worried how it would look because there is a steep hill we had to climb with the fence.


I used one continuous piece of livestock fencing, but I stopped and stretched it three times. I put an H-post at the base of the hill and stretched it there. I put another H-post at the top of the hill and stretched it there. Then I went to the corner and finished the final run. We put two strands of Barbed wire on top of the panels, and I need to put a few more clips to hold the wire firmly to the posts. We got the wire nice and tight and I think it looks like a professional job if I do say so myself. My neighbor likes it so well he thinks it looks better than the other fence the professional put up. I have been putting a bit of pressure on myself to finish the fence since my neighbor paid me to do it, otherwise I would have just taken my own dear sweet time. But I am glad to have that off of my list of projects, all I need to do is hang a gate on the corner and I can call it completely done, then on to the next project!


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