Cats and Dogs!

28 Oct


I saw this fellow sitting on the desk greeting people coming into the local Humane Society office. I took his picture and sent it to Sweet Thing and said he was looking for a good home. She said “NO!”


I saw this girl sitting outside of a store and sent the picture and said she was looking for a home and Sweet Thing said “NO!”


A local rescue society was outside of Tractor Supply trying to find home for these puppies, Sweet Thing said “NO!”. I knew she would, we have plenty of animals to care for already, I was just jerking her chain a bit!


I also encountered this Great Pyrenees as I was working this week. I was on my ATV and I needed to go down that dirt lane to reach a field, and this lane just happened to be right beside his house. Usually he doesn’t come this far from the house, but today he did and he would not let me pass. I wasn’t going to argue with him, he is the size of a small pony! After I get the homestead completely fenced in, I am thinking about getting one of these dogs myself. Shhh! Don’t tell Sweet Thing, she doesn’t know. Any of you have a Great Pyrenees?


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