Ammo Update

27 Oct


Some stores in my area finally have some bulk ammo for sale. I picked up these two boxes at Wal-Mart, and I picked up some 9MM from Gander Mountain last week. The ammo from Wal-Mart was priced the same as it was prior to Sandy Hook, but the Gander Mountain ammo was about 20% higher. I am glad to finally see the supply increasing a bit, but there is still not any 22LR to speak of, and what little there is on the shelf is selling for 20 cents a round. No thanks, I’ll pass.  I haven’t shot any since last winter. I had a supply laid by, but I wasn’t sure when or even if I would be able to replace it, so I have just been holding what I had. Now I feel comfortable enough to put one box back for later and shoot the other box to keep in practice.


It feels good to have ole’ Bessie bucking in my hand again! How is the ammo supply in your area?


2 Responses to “Ammo Update”

  1. K October 28, 2013 at 7:46 am #

    22LR is still hard to find, but most other calibers were available. The prices seem to have slowly crept down over the last few months, and a few good finds were available. I was able to pick up 150 rounds ( 3 boxes of 50) of 9mm for .2798 cents per round.
    The third store is a local one, and I didn’t take any pictures inside of it. The ammo shelves were full and most boxes had a two dollar premium from the old prices. This store even had a half barrel that contained 12,500 rounds of 5.56 for $5,999.90 (.4799/round).

    I’ll be restocking our ammo supplies this time so that we can continue to go to the range on a regular basis doing the next shortage.

    Our new policy is buy 3 boxes, shoot one, and store two until we reach the desired level of ammo.

    • doublebhomestead October 30, 2013 at 9:47 am #

      It’s good to be able to go out and practice again isn’t it?

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