What Did You Do To Prep This Week, Everything’s A Dollar Store

26 Oct

One of the well-known Prepper Blogs asks the question “What Did You do To Prep This Week?”. So let’s review my week. I added some ammo to my supplies, I cut some firewood, I put up some fencing, I picked vegetables from my garden, I fixed some barrels for fuel storage and filled them up, I went to the grocery store and bought canned goods for the pantry, and since I needed some containers for small parts storage I made a trip to our local Everything’s A Dollar Store. I really like that price!


I picked up a couple of different sizes of these Tupperware type containers to store small loose parts. You can stack them on a shelf and since they are clear you can see what is inside, very handy!


I picked up two different sizes of measuring spoons for mixing chemicals or oil.


I also have a supply of these plastic bathroom drinking cups for measuring. The cups have convenient little ridges embossed into them which makes it handy for measuring. I just remember the middle ridge marks up to 2 ounces, the upper ridge is 3 ounces, and when completely full is 4 ounces.


I picked up some cheap glow lights for emergency lighting.


I also picked up a few tubes of waterless hand cleaner. And remember, everything is just a dollar! Dollar Stores are a great price to pick up items for your long-term prep supplies. What did you do to prep this week?


One Response to “What Did You Do To Prep This Week, Everything’s A Dollar Store”

  1. Pioneer Preppy October 27, 2013 at 11:32 am #

    Fencing check. Firewood check. No ammo here, I haven’t even looked at any all Summer but I understand the prices are coming down once again.

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