Grape Vines, Firewood, and An Update On Old Man Arms

25 Oct

I was unhooking the bush hog from my tractor ( hopefully for the last time this year ) and as I was unhooking the PTO shaft, I realized my arms were pressed solidly up against the lift arms on the tractor. Ah, so that is where those “old man” bruises came from, mystery solved. That makes me feel a little better, at least there was a good cause for the bruises and they didn’t just appear out of thin air.


Pioneer Preppy mentioned in one of his recent posts the difficulty and the danger in cutting firewood caused by wild grape vines. As you can see, I cut this 8 inch diameter tree and even though it is cut completely free, it is still standing upright!


If you look up, you can see all sorts of vines running all directions through the limbs, holding the tree up and keeping it from falling. I had to hook a chain to the base of the tree and pull it loose with my tractor. I usually don’t cut good healthy trees for firewood but this tree was standing right in the middle of the path where I am going to install a culvert to cross into the woods on the back of our property. I hope to get that done this fall before the ground gets too wet and soft for a truck to get back here. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


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