Fuel Supply

23 Oct

A few weeks ago when The President was threatening to bomb Syria, I got concerned with our fuel supply. I got 2 steel barrels from one of my farmers last year, but I still had not done anything with them yet.


I finally got around to filling the drums with diesel to make sure I have some extra in case the supply gets tight. I just went to a local convenience store to fill them up, and believe me it was painful to buy 110 gallons at retail price! I am keeping my eye on Craig’s List for an actual 300-500 gallon fuel tank. If I get one like that, I can have the wholesaler come by and fill it up. Now, that will really be painful to buy that much at once!


Another reason I was inspired to fill those barrels is the hand pump I found at the flea market for $12.00. I operated the handle and I could feel the pump working so I thought it was a good deal. Little did I know how much the other equipment would cost. After I purchased the hose, filter, and fittings I have about $100 tied up in this project. I guess that is OK, a complete set-up like this at Tractor Supply costs $200 so I am still ahead. Keep prepping everyone.


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