Fall Garden

27 Sep

I went out to check my fall garden today and I wanted to post some pictures. The weatherman said it would rain last Friday and he was right for a change. I went out on Thursday and planted some seeds and we had a slow, all afternoon rain that totaled 1.25 inches, just perfect.


In the center row I set out 9 cabbages and 9 broccoli. This is my first try at growing broccoli, I just recently discovered I really like it! On the left side of the row I have a 4 foot wide strip of turnips and on the right of the row I have a 4 foot wide strip of mustard greens.


You can’t see it too well but I also planted about an acre of deer browse composed of wheat, oats, greens, clover and winter peas. All of it is coming up nicely.


I picked the last of the squash.


I still have several heirloom tomatoes still coming on.


I have some late cantaloupes growing over the outdoor cat enclosure. As you can see Kensey is helping me check out this one.


I had a good bit of purple hull peas mixed in with the sunflowers. I am going to let them dry on the vine then save the seeds for next year to see how they do. Sweet Thing already saved some tomato seeds and I am considering saving some of the squash and cantaloupes just to see if it can be done.



The cosmos are still blooming.


The sunflowers are dried up and the birds are really working them. As a matter of fact, the little yellow colored finches have stopped coming to my feeders, I think they like eating the seeds off of the heads better. How is your fall garden coming along?


3 Responses to “Fall Garden”

  1. Mike September 27, 2013 at 9:29 pm #

    Nice garden! Fall in Sconnieland is a short event. I’ll put in some garlic for next season. But, the tomatoes are still producing like crazy. My favorite of the year was a “roma grape” tomato. That variety was so sweet. Perfect for salad. And, the Brussel sprouts are just now starting to form well. I’d love to have some sunflowers but the darned squirrels take them down as soon as the kernel begins to firm up. Normally we get frost the first week of October so the tender things are about to meet the end of the season.

    • doublebhomestead September 27, 2013 at 9:51 pm #

      Our avg frost date is Oct 25 but sometimes will be as late as the first week of Nov so I still have a little time.

  2. Pioneer Preppy September 28, 2013 at 1:48 pm #

    It really is looking good. I would never be able to plant gourd type plants in the Fall or Late Summer the squash bugs are out of control by that point.

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