Hoarding VS Stocking

13 Sep

I will admit to being a pack-rat but not one of those sad, pathetic hoarders you see on TV. Although, sometimes my workshop does start to look like those houses you have to follow a trail to walk through.Just kidding Anyway, I keep my paper records for my business in one drawer of my desk and my personal records in another drawer. At the end of the year after I have completed my taxes, I put those records in a cardboard file box and set them in a corner, then I put the new records in my desk. I usually keep the past two years in the corner then as they get older I put them in the attic. When we moved I realized I had nearly 30 years of old tax records in the attic. I called my CPA and he said to keep the past 5 years and discard the rest. Well, being the Pack Rat I am I went through the files and kept the manila folders to reuse.


The folders I am buying now are so thin they are really nothing more than folded brown paper. The folders I had from 10 years ago were twice as thick as the new ones. But the ones that were 20 years old were twice as thick again. They were more like cardboard than paper. It is like everything you buy today, just made cheaper and cheaper and designed to be disposable. We just had our Washing Machine repaired and the repairman said after 7 years the machines are designed to be replaced. The technical term for that is planned obsolescence. The manufacturer doesn’t want the machines to last forever, they want to sell you a new one every few years. Cheap Chinese made crap! Buy Made In The USA when possible.


And speaking of cheaply made, how many of you remember “penny candy”? Well one of my favorites was the Adkisson Peanut Butter Bars and our local Cracker Barrel Restaurant had these for sale. I bought a few and as I unwrapped the first one I realized there were no stripes on the candy, they printed stripes on the cellophane wrapper but not on the candy. How cheap can you get? Another one of my precious childhood memories destroyed. Keep prepping everyone.


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