The relentless passage of time

10 Sep

moto_0519  moto_0520

moto_0521  moto_0522

I was in a field earlier this year, picking up my usual pieces of junk like pictured above and I found a rock.


This rock was nice and smooth from being river washed and if you look in the center you can see a hole forming in it. I guess this rock sat in one place long enough for a drip of water to slowly over time erode a hole into the rock. I can just imagine a slow, tiny drip hitting this same spot, over and over again. Drip,,,Drip,,,Drip. Over and over, year after year. I wonder how long it would take for a drip to hit this same spot to erode something as hard of rock? Longer than any of us have been here is my estimation. Maybe the Good Lord put this rock in my hand to make me ponder the meaning of life and meditate on the importance of patience and remember that He works in his own good time. Learn to be patient everyone!


One Response to “The relentless passage of time”

  1. pioneer Preppy September 11, 2013 at 4:00 am #

    Or perhaps it had another type of rock that eroded more easily against it when it formed. The more porous rock was removed leaving that indent.

    But your theory sounds more fun 🙂

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