River Flooding

9 Sep

It hasn’t been too long ago many of the fields I check were flooded by the Mississippi River. After The water receded I saw several things of interest.


One of the blocks of ground that was flooded was over 2000 acres with several drainage ditches running across the fields. As the water receded some of these large river fish, probably carp and drum, were stranded in the ditches. The wildlife, namely coyotes and raccoons, were catching these fish and dragging them out to eat. There were probably over 100 of these fish along one ditch and they were making quite a stink that day.


As I was leaving, I saw this river otter that had been run over on a gravel road. I am not a trapper but even if I were, this otter was just a bit too rank to salvage the hide.


I also found this piece of driftwood, it looks just like a piece of petrified stone. I have a piece of petrified stone that was obviously a piece of wood but I can’t put my hands on it right at this moment, it seems to have been misplaced in all of our packing and moving. Keep prepping everyone!


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