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You Might Be A Redneck If,,,

24 Aug


According to Jeff Foxworthy, if the only time you notice your check engine light is when it goes off,,,You might be a redneck! Well I own 4 Pickup trucks and 1 SUV and the check engine light is on in every one of them! I take them to the mechanic and he checks them out and invariably, the cause of the light is some sort of sensor in the pollution control system. When I ask if fixing it will make the vehicle run better or get better gas mileage, the answer is always the same. No, all the repair will do is make the warning light go off. How much will the repair cost? $400-500 usually! No thanks, I will just look at the warning light and ignore it.


Concrete Railroad Ties

23 Aug



A while back I mentioned these concrete cross ties. Well now they have the rails laid and the track is ready for use.


Before they laid the rails I noticed these plastic spacers or shims on the ties. Now how long can plastic last (and it is plastic because I took my knife and scratched on it) while it is being vibrated, smashed and ground between the steel rail and the concrete tie? I hope the engineers know what they are doing.


They even used plastic inserts where the griping clamps are crushed down against the rail. I will be curious to check this out in a year to see how it is holding up. I learn something new every week. Keep prepping everyone!

Polyphemus Moth

22 Aug


This is a Polyphemus moth I found underneath my security light this morning. Like the Luna Moth, this moth does not have a mouth because they only live long enough to breed and lay eggs.


Speaking of eggs, I have been hand smashing stinkbug eggs on my squash plants. No chemicals in this garden, all organic for me! The squash is just loaded with pretty yellow blooms each morning. How is your garden growing?

Tuesday Tunes: Doc Severinsen; In The Mood

20 Aug

Today let’s have an instrumental from Doc Severinsen and The Tonight Show Band; an oldie but a goodie from the era of Big Band and Swing, In The Mood. Enjoy!

Garden Bounty

19 Aug


I guess you can call this bounty, at least it is the first thing I picked this summer, some white scalloped squash.


Around the Fourth of July I tilled up a strip in the back of the homestead and planted some seeds “three sisters style” although I guess you can call this four sisters. I planted sweet corn, squash, purple hull peas and okra intermingled together. That night I got 1/2 of rain and I really had a good emergence. Since then we have received at least 8 inches of rain and the plants are thriving. I really didn’t expect too much since I planted so late but I might get enough vegetables for a few meals anyway. Keep prepping everyone!

Game Camera Pictures

18 Aug


I checked my camera today and I had a lot of pictures of the deer and turkeys on the homestead, I even have this one with them both in the same picture.


You can see three poults with the hen in this picture. One morning I went to the back and flushed her up with 8 poults and they scattered in all directions. I stood there quietly and in about 60 seconds she started clucking softly trying to draw them back to her in the weeds. In the background of the picture you can see some tall looking vegetation, that is where I tilled the ground and slung out a bag of mixed bird seed and it sprouted and came up. There is a lot of millet and other seed crops that put on a seed head and the birds are having a feast on it.


One afternoon Sweet Thing looked out the back window and told me to come look. There are two foxes in the backyard just lounging around like they own the place. She asked why they weren’t more afraid of us or the dogs than they were and I explained we have never given them any reason to be afraid of us yet. When we get some chickens and other small livestock that may have to change, but for now I guess they can stay.


The young one sure is pretty, it looks just like a long-legged, gangly teenager doesn’t it?


Speaking of Wilma and Jethro, here they are resting after we took a spin around the homestead. Maybe when it cools down more I can get a picture of them without their tongues hanging out! Be prepared everyone.

Heat Units and Cotton Development

17 Aug


I haven’t posted this week because I have been totally disgusted with the weather we have been having. For the past 3 weeks it has rained off and on about every other day and now the temperatures are in the 80’s for highs and 60’s for the lows. Well, that sounds great for August weather, the town folk are loving it, but not me. I need heat for the cotton I am looking after to develop and mature but we are not getting much at these temps. You can figure how many heat units you are getting by calculating the amount of DD-60’s you get each week. And how do you do that? You take the high and low temperature for the day, add them together, divide by 2 then subtract 60. So for a high of 94 and a low of 74 you have 168 divided by 2 = 84-60= 24 DD-60’s that day. A few days ago I awoke to a temperature of 52 degrees,,,,in August. Really? What ever happened to the dog days of summer? What happened to Global Warming? Oh yeah, I forgot. They don’t talk about Global Warming anymore, they say Climate Change. Anyway, now at a high of 78 and a low of 60 you have 138 divided by 2 = 69-60 = 9 DD-60’s. That is slowing the crop progress tremendously. Cotton requires 2400 DD-60’s to be mature and right now we have accumulated about 1400. At the most I have 60 days left in this growing season. At 20 DD-60’s per day it will take 50 more days, but if it drops down to an average of just 15 DD-60’s per day I will run out of time before the cotton is mature. The 10 day forecast is calling for temps in the 80’s and the long-range forecast for September is calling for below average temps. We are doomed! So all I have been doing is moping around and pouting, and believe me it is not a pretty sight! Maybe I will take the time to write-up some posts this weekend, I need something to take my mind off of the impending doom coming my way. Be prepared!