Old Farm Equipment

1 Aug


Pioneer Preppy recently had a post on his blog about finding old small farm implements and I will agree this stuff is getting hard to find. I went by a dealer that had a small collection of implements and some of it was pretty rough. I began to remember how long I have been working in this area (almost 35 years) and how things have changed. When I was first working in this area, some people were actually farming with 4 row equipment but most had recently upgraded to 6 row equipment. Shortly thereafter, most people moved to 8 row equipment. Most people stayed with 8 row for a good number of years then they went to 12 row equipment. I even have one farmer that uses an 18 row planter now. I guess that is where we are going next. Most farmers had a big shop lot and around in the back would be a bunch of old out-dated equipment just sitting in the weeds. One reason is they could use some of the old equipment parts to repair some of the new equipment on occasion. And they also were showing this equipment on their financial statements as an asset at a highly inflated value. But about 5 years ago the price of scrap metal skyrocketed and most farmers began to clean out the back scrap lot and sell the equipment for salvage. Now finding old 2-4 row implements is just about impossible and if you do see any they want a pretty penny for it. It’s funny how fast time slips away when you look back at the past.


2 Responses to “Old Farm Equipment”

  1. pioneer Preppy August 1, 2013 at 9:58 pm #

    No kidding. I am now looking out for a disc that I can pull behind the 8N and a square baler that only uses a PTO and three point hitch. I haven’t seen a baler that didn’t need hydraulics in well since I was a small boy.

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