Native American Artifacts

30 Jul



I found another nice Native American artifact today. I was really lucky to find this one because I was in a field of tall cotton that had almost lapped the middles. I was spreading back the foliage to look at the fruit on the stalks and there the artifact laid, right between my feet.


This is one of the nicer fields of cotton I am checking this year. When the crop is tall enough to shade the middles where you can’t see down to the ground we say it has canopied up or is laid by. We like it when we reach this stage because it helps keep the weeds from coming up. I’ll be glad when all my fields look like this one. This year has been pretty rough and it is not going to get much better until it is over. I am not posting regularly because I am still working 13 hours a day. Every day as I am out I take pictures and compose blog posts in my mind. Sometimes I compose 2 or 3 a day. I like to think my posts are interesting and informative, and often humorous and witty! (at least in my mind anyway) But after I come in and shower it is nearly 9 pm and all I feel like doing is sitting in my recliner for an hour before bedtime and reading some of your blogs. My motivation for writing has left me after a 13 hour day! Elvis has left the building! So I just sit quietly and read. I am usually envious of your goats, chickens, rabbits and other livestock and your beautiful gardens. Someday I hope to have the time to do more of these type of homesteading activities. Wait a minute, isn’t envy one of the 7 deadly sins? Yeah, number 6 on the list. I guess that will just be another check mark against me in Heaven’s big ledger book of life. Be good.

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