Pit Bulls

14 Jul


I saw these two Pit Bulls at our local store yesterday and as I walked past they were whining and trembling they wanted me to pet them so bad. I wouldn’t do that because I am careful about someone else’s dogs. I know a lot of people hate pit bulls because of their mean reputation, but they are not necessarily mean unless you train them to be. BUT, as a breed they are genetically disposed to being aggressive because they have been breed for aggression. I know I would have to think long and hard about owning one especially if I had children. I think my dogs that I rescued have some pit bull mix in them, you can’t see it at all on Jethro but Wilma shows some of the mix in the shape of her head. The local humane shelter says they get a lot of pit bull mix dogs and they have trouble getting them into new homes. I wish people would have their pets spayed and neutered and then there would not be so many animals needlessly disposed of.


2 Responses to “Pit Bulls”

  1. pioneer Preppy July 14, 2013 at 10:54 pm #

    Spayed yes. Neutered I don’t always agree with. A female does not require estrogen to survive. A spayed female is generally not treated any different by other animals of it’s kind after it is spayed. They do gain weight easier but estrogen is not needed for survival instincts or physical health, only reproduction. The loss of testosterone on the other hand is a death sentence to a male of any specie not carefully confined. If they ever get out it would be like sending a pre-teen into a prison riot.

    As long as the owner is very careful and knows this it is fine and understandable but far too often the liberal animal rights people who spay and neuter then release are doing the male critters no kindness.

    As for pitbulls I have never met a mean one and they are so fun loving when they are nice and such beautiful dogs. I still can’t get over that 67% figure of all serious dog attacks are done by pitbulls though. I have read that number several times and if it is true that is a big red flag.

    Glad I am not spam any longer I always enjoy commenting on your posts.

    • doublebhomestead July 15, 2013 at 7:34 am #

      And I certainly enjoy having you stop by and comment. Your comments are always enlightening and informative.

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