Found Treasures

3 Jul

Keeping with the subject of things I find during the day, I recently was driving down a freshly graded road and I saw something shiny in the road. Slam on the brakes and back up!



A nice big 3/4 inch drive socket in 1 5/8 inch. Great! I’ll probably never have a use for that even though I do have some large sizes on my Kubota and implements,,,,but they are all metric! Maybe that size will convert, let me Google that and check. Nope, that would be 41.275 in mm. Oh well, it was free! It is a Williams brand, I have never heard of those, let me Google that as well. Oh yeah, that brand is sold by Snap-On, must be high quality! Keep your eyes open and stay alert!


One Response to “Found Treasures”

  1. pioneer Preppy July 4, 2013 at 2:17 am #

    I never find cool stuff on the road. I think it is because I am always so deep in cerebral thoughts… or something.

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