Cute Cats!

2 Jul

I was in my Man Cave working at my desk and my cats decided to climb up and help me.


They both plopped down right in the center of where I was working. Really helpful, guys! They are from the same litter and have never been apart, but they have distinct personalities, much like children from the same family. When I go over in the morning to check on them Oreo comes to me and he wants about 2 minutes of petting then he will go away. Kensey, on the other hand will sit there and let you pet him for as long as you are willing to do so. Kensey will spend most of the day in the outdoor enclosure and Oreo stays inside where the AC is running. Oreo will use the litter box and he covers thoroughly. Kensey does his business then he climbs out and drags his foot across the floor pretending he is covering. I have seen Oreo go to the box and cover Kensey’s stuff for him! When it rains, Oreo will be inside nice and dry, Kensey will go out and play in the rain.


“Hey, Whatcha doing? Let me help.” You can see Kensey’s one blue eye and one gold eye. ( you could really see it if the camera on this phone wasn’t so lousy! ) Someday I am going to have to get a new phone just to get a better camera. That’s kinda sad isn’t it?


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