Mile Markers

1 Jul


I was zooming down the interstate and noticed a mile marker sign someone had hit and it got me to thinking and noticing the signs more closely. Where I was driving there was a sign every 2/10’s of a mile and as I neared an exit the signs were posted every 1/10 of a mile. Why do we need those signs? I’m sure the maintenance crews use them to find locations on the road and emergency personnel use them but how often does the average person need them? How often have you needed them? Have you ever really looked and noticed them? I’m sure they cost a good bit of money for each sign not to mention the cost of each pole.


And I’m sure when they put up the signs, as usual, they send a crew of six. One to work, one to assist, and the other four just standing around looking. And who do you think pays for all of that? That’s right, you and I the taxpayers. How about if we just put a mile marker every mile instead of every 2/10s, we could save 80% of the cost they way. They should put me in charge of this country, I would have everything squared away in no time!


Speaking of road signs, I was traveling a back road and I saw this fellow wired up on a sign pole. I thought “why did they do that?”  Well, why not, I guess?


2 Responses to “Mile Markers”

  1. pioneer Preppy July 2, 2013 at 12:07 am #

    They didn’t used to have them every 10th of a mile. Not sure why they added so many.

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