Burn Barrel

15 Jun

Another good thing about country living is the ability to burn small amounts of garbage in the back yard. There is rural garbage service in the area but it costs $90 per quarter per barrel. That works out to $7.50 per week for one trash can, so I am forgoing that for the time being. I have 24 acres and a tractor with a backhoe so I think I can dispose of my own trash. I have a plan for a compost bin in my mind for household paper and other compostables, but for now I am just burning it. I have a barrel for burning but you know the problem with burning in a barrel, you can’t get any airflow. I took some rabbit cage wire from Tractor Supply and made a burn barrel.




It burns really well and the only thing left over is glass and tin cans. I had a lot of short pieces of electrical wire leftover from construction and I used that to make rings to tie the cage wire together. The only thing that concerns me is the heat from the fire may melt the welds on the wire, it is really thin and light weight. If it does I will just make another one out of heavier wire. Be prepared!


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