Turtles And Frogs

4 Jun

My Niece spent the week in Pensacola Florida and she sent this picture of a Sea Turtle some people rescued on the beach.


The turtle got trapped on the dunes and was having trouble getting back to the water. I also had some turtle encounters this week.


I heard my dogs barking and raising cain. I went out and they were barking at this turtle crawling along outside the fence, they did not like it one bit. I picked it up and carried it over to the pond to get back into the water.


I also found this 8 inch snapping turtle at the edge of a field.


I spun him around to take a picture of his ugly mug, if I had messed with him much more he would have shown me why he is called a “snapping” turtle.


This is a tiny little frog I saw on the water hose. He was so well camouflaged I almost didn’t see him! Stay prepared!


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