Wild Flowers

3 Jun


One of my farmers called and said his sprayer caught fire and burned. He wasn’t kidding! That is what I call burned, anything not made from metal is gone! Well, that is what insurance is for I guess.



Last week I found some blue native Irises, this week I found some red ones. Pretty aren’t they?


The wild roses on the homestead are blooming.


This is a Canadian Thistle. It’s pretty but you don’t want it in your yard or it will take over, it’s very invasive.


I think even the unopened buds are interesting.


Often you see them in big patches like this.


This patch is growing on both sides of the road for over a mile! On the left side of the road you can also see some Hairy Vetch.


This is a close-up of the Vetch. The beauty of nature is all around you if you just take the time to stop and look. More to come.


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