History Repeats Itself.

11 May

I was looking through my pictures to find something to post and I found three pictures that were interesting but almost identical to prior postings.


For instance, I found this whole, complete turtle shell. It is unusual to find them like this, usually some critter rips the shell apart trying to get inside to the soft gooey parts.



I also found another Owl that was hit by a vehicle on the road. I don’t know what kind this one is, it appears to be fully grown but it is only six inches tall. I have noticed several dead Owls by the side of the Interstate but I didn’t stop for pictures. This one was on a side road right by where I stopped to check a field.


I found this 36 inch snake crawling around my barn. It looks just like the one I saw last year that I killed and Pioneer Preppy said it looked like an immature Rat Snake so I let this one live. But if I ever find him inside my barn and he makes me crap my pants then he will be a DEAD snake!


Speaking of Pioneer Preppy, he might find this of interest. I was at the house in town and I looked way up in the old Oak Tree in the yard and I saw this small swarm of bees on this limb. This is the first bee swarm I have seen in the past two years, unfortunately this one was way too high for anyone to capture so I didn’t try to find a bee keeper to come get them. Someday I will have my own bees, but for the time being my honey will come from a jar. Keep prepping everyone!


3 Responses to “History Repeats Itself.”

  1. pioneer Preppy May 11, 2013 at 11:04 pm #

    Man what lucky finds you get!!!! I have never seen a turtle shell that wasn’t all white by the time I found it. As for owls I know around here they tend to get hit alot during thunderstorms at night, I have no clue as to why except an agent at the conservation department once said the owls like to chase mice on the roadways in the rain. He didn’t explain what the rain had to do with the scenario though.

    As for a bee swarm NICE!!! if you got one in the open that means there is an actual hive nearby so there will be more.

    Wish I was seeing bee swarms right now 😦

    So far not a one I have found yet this year.

  2. pioneer Preppy May 11, 2013 at 11:06 pm #

    OH and I don’t blame you one bit on the snake thing, even the rat snakes give me the willies.

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