Game Camera Pictures

12 Apr

I pulled the discs out of the game cams to see if I had any unusual visitors this week.


This is from the camera that is almost in our back yard area. The deer don’t mind coming right up to the house. I think if I put some feed in this area I can sit in my recliner and see them looking out of the back window.


I had many pictures of the deer grazing in the back food plot.


Here is a glimpse of the Red Fox slipping by on the back yard camera. He doesn’t mind coming right up in the yard either!


When I first previewed my pictures I thought “alright! I finally got some pictures of the turkeys.” Well, no such luck, just some old crows squawking around.


Here is the hawk that has staked out a claim to his territory on our homestead. I really worry that if I had my chickens now he might become a problem. I was worried about him getting our old cat, but the cat seems content to just stay in the house for the time being. He has always been an indoor/outdoor cat but after the move it changed some of his personality for the better. Let’s hope he stays that way.


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