Monkey Grass

10 Apr

I have been busy working at my job the last few days and I have missed a few days posting. I doubt if I will keep up posting everyday now that our house is finished and I am back at work. I will be too busy working at my job to do much around the homestead for the next few months, but if I see something of interest I will certainly let you know.


My sister-in-law stopped by and dropped off these plastic drums and buckets from a local carwash. They contained soap and wax so they should be ok for holding rainwater for plants and flushing toilets.


Our neighbor has a ring of Monkey Grass completely around her house and she wanted to thin it out. We helped her dig it out and piled it on my trailer to plant around our driveway and sidewalks. If you buy this at the local nursery, it will cost from .49 to .79 cents for a small plug so I think I have about $5000 worth of grass in exchange for 2 hours of work to dig it up. HAHA! I would say that was a good barter for both of us. She has some Hostas she wants me to have but I didn’t dig them today because we are expecting a big rain tonight. It will be too muddy to replant them tomorrow but the Monkey Grass can sit on the trailer until the weekend and it will be fine. Well, I need to go now and check my batteries and get prepared for the approaching storm front. Be Prepared!


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