Plumbing Problems

20 Mar

Sweet Thing has been working hard at our old house cleaning up, painting and doing minor repairs so we can put the house up for sale. She discovered the metal S trap underneath one of the lavatories had a small hole in it and had a slow drip.


I replaced the trap and ran the sink full of water and the drain backed up. RATS! The drain pipe was stopped up inside the wall, just wonderful. I guess since that drain hasn’t been used in 2 months the gunk has built up inside the pipe.


I got out my handy steel flat tape drain snake and went to work on the drain. I worked on it for 30 minutes and realized I was not going to do any good. Double RATS! I could feel the drain snake make one turn but it was too stiff to make the next turn. I decided I would have to call the plumber, but then I thought “if I do that he will charge at least $100 for a service call even if it is an easy repair. If he has to crawl under the house and cut the pipe to reach the blockage it will be much more.” I decided to get another type of drain snake and try it myself before I went to that expense.


I bought this flexible cable Drum Auger at Lowes. I worked on the drain about 10 minutes and I could tell it was going much farther down the drain. I put the trap back on the pipe, ran water down the drain then SUCCESS! I spent $15 on another tool, but I saved $100 or more by doing it yourself. I wish all my projects turned out this well.


2 Responses to “Plumbing Problems”

  1. pioneer Preppy March 20, 2013 at 8:58 pm #

    NO kidding. Drain problems are the complete SUCK. I am glad you managed to get yours unclogged and got a cool new tool besides!!!

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