Spring Flowers

18 Mar

The weatherman was predicting a good chance of rain and storms so I spread some mixed grass seed around the lawn area.


I didn’t use any specific method for spreading the seed. I just poured it into a bucket and used this small plastic cup to dip the seeds. I rode around on my ATV and when I saw a likely looking spot I jut flung the seeds as far as I could. I didn’t work them into the soil, I am counting on the rainfall to incorporate the seeds into the soil. Now it looks as if we are going to miss the rain tonight, and if we do that will suit me just fine, I can wait on the rain until later.


A friend of ours stopped by with these big clumps of Forsythia that had been dug out of his in-laws yard. It is not a good time to be transplanting these, but some upcoming construction was forcing these to be moved now or be destroyed. I have no idea where I want to plant them exactly, as a matter of fact I havn’t given a thought to any real planting design.


So, for the time being, I just decided to pot these plants and hope they can survive until I find a permanent place for them.


I really like forsythia, maybe mine will survive and look like this someday.


I know these plants are tough and hardy, one of the limbs had been drooping down and touched the ground. Where the limb touched the ground it had started to form roots and attach itself to start a new plant. When you have a plant that will do that, it wants to survive very badly, so maybe these will survive the mistreatment they are being given. More tomorrow.


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