Emergency Lights

5 Mar


Occasionally I hear my dogs barking at night and I can’t see what they are upset about. I wanted a good strong light so I decided to try this rechargeable model I bought at Lowe’s. I had a rechargeable before and it was a real POC. It would run about 10 minutes then go out. I don’t know how long this light will last on one charge, but it puts out a LOT of light. The label says it puts out 2400 lumens, but when you shine it out across the back yard it seems more like a million lumens! If you need a good strong light check this one out, it will definitely light up your life. Should I do it? Yes I should, here she is, Debbie Boone, You Light Up My Life!


2 Responses to “Emergency Lights”

  1. pioneer Preppy March 6, 2013 at 3:05 am #

    The outside barn dog stray that moved in and never left so I guess he is my dog now likes to bark sometimes in the middle of the night. Often times it is because the coyotes get a bit too close as I can hear em running but sometimes like you I have no clue what he is up in arms over.

    I recently figured out he likes to bark at large flocks of geese that fly low over us. Surrounded as we are by corn and bean fields and several medium sized ponds we have a lot of stay over geese. Apparently the dog is scared of them at night.

    • doublebhomestead March 6, 2013 at 9:54 am #

      Just across the road from our homestead is a cattle opperation with several ponds which have a population of resident canadian geese. I know they fly over here during the day because I thought to myself when they fly in MY airspace they are fair game. Just sayin’, in case times get hard, ya know.

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