Antique Fly Tying Kit

24 Feb

As we were moving to the new homestead, I found an antique fly tying kit I bought at an antique mall. I forgot I had this, but I remember I only paid $10 for it and I knew the tools in the kit were worth way more than that.


The kit was inside this home-made box, about the size of an old timey tackle box.


The wooden box has an upper tray with a divided lower section to hold the tools and supplies.



One of the clues to the age of this kit is the supply containers are made of glass and not plastic. If they were really, really old they would have stoppers instead of screw caps.


There are about 30 pieces of brown craft paper folded into makeshift envelopes which contain fly tying material such as these feathers. I have not gone through each envelope yet, who knows what treasure awaits in those envelopes. There might be a $1000 bill or an old stock certificate hidden away inside. There might even be a deed to a lost gold mine! I need to get in there and give a closer look inside those envelopes!


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