Still Moving

23 Feb

Posting has been a little slow lately, mainly due to the wet weather and working on my taxes, I have not had much of anything exciting happen. We are still moving useless crap useful household articles to the new homestead from the old house.


I carried three loads just like this one. A lot of this stuff was boxed up two years ago when we had new laminate flooring installed in our old house. It has been sitting there still boxed up for two years, so that shows how bad we actually needed that stuff doesn’t it?


One good thing with moving, you find stuff you lost and couldn’t find. This is a Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit for people who are new to the art of canning. She signed up for a short course at the local Cooperative Extension Service last summer, and they gave each student one of the kits. Well as you can see, she hasn’t used it yet, but she intends to do some serious canning this summer when the farmers market starts up. We have been buying jars and lids whenever we see them available and when we have a little extra money in the budget. There is a lot of information on canning on different websites, and lots of videos on U-Tube, so even if you can’t get some real-life instruction, there is no reason you can’t learn some basics for canning. Keep prepping everyone!


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