8 Feb

Good information for all of us, good common sense. We need to learn to take care of ourselves and not wait on someone else to rescue us. There is no time better than the present, Get ready!

My Adventures in selfreliance

Yet another storm bearing down on the NE and again store shelves are empty. Bank of America is asking “if you have enough cash on hand” and more power blackouts will happen.  This is a question to all, not just the folks that faced a disaster in the last 12 months.  If you think the government will be there to help ask a Sandy victims what they think of FEMA and the “Help” they have gotten from the Government.  You need to take care of yourself, your family and your neighbors. You have to be ready to step up and do the work instead of waiting for Uncle Sugar to protect and provide for you and yours.  I know you paid taxes to provide for these things but the money is gone and help is not on the way.

It probably to late for the people of the NE to…

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