Dog Pen Construction Complete

4 Feb


I finally got the dog pen complete and moved my dogs to our new homestead. They seem really happy to be where they can see us. Our neighbor at our old house was really sad to see them go, she said she needed visitation rights to come see them! After putting up the chain link sections they now have a pen that is 60X40 feet, that gives them plenty of room to run and chase each other. Following are some pictures of Jethro, he has grown to be a big boy, he must weigh 100 pounds by my estimation.






There are several trees inside the pen and being male he had to pee on all of them to mark his territory.


Wilma seems to be topped out about 65-70 pounds. She is still pretty big but she doesn’t look like it standing next to Jethro.


They both like getting under the house as much as getting in it, that’s why I built it 30 inches off of the ground. She is chewing on a piece of 2X4 I left in the pen, I guess she thinks it is a good chew toy!


I didn’t want to waste yesterday watching the pre-pre-pre game Super Bowl show, so I worked on the pen. When I started putting up the welded wire fence, I quickly realized I had 120 feet of posts and 100 feet of wire. That wasn’t going to come out even, so I went and bought another 100 foot roll, so I will have some extra for my next project. It’s always good to have supplies already on hand, just-in-case.


2 Responses to “Dog Pen Construction Complete”

  1. DFW February 4, 2013 at 9:08 pm #

    Beautiful puppies (I mean dogs), All dogs are puppies to me!

    • doublebhomestead February 4, 2013 at 10:36 pm #

      Thanks, I found them abandoned as puppies. I think they turned out well.

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