Fire Safety

4 Jan


When I did my last post on fire safety, someone commented on the fact I didn’t have an extinguisher in the kitchen. It reminded me to go get one. This is a special extinguisher for kitchens, that is why the tank is white instead of red. It has a special formula for grease and electrical fires; thus especially suited for kitchens. If it was up to me I would leave it sitting on the counter where it could be reached in an instant. But, I know that will not suit Sweet Thing so underneath the counter it will go. Well, at least it will be close to where it is needed if I can just remember which cabinet it is in. Be prepared!


2 Responses to “Fire Safety”

  1. Groundhog January 5, 2013 at 10:01 am #

    Nice blog you got here Swamp! Thanks for posting over at the burrow too!

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