Petting Zoo

26 Dec

One of the local churches had a living Nativity Scene for Christmas. They had some animals in the scene from a local man and they looked like they could be from a petting zoo because they would come right up to the fence where you were.



This is a small camel.


I think this little guy is an Alpaca.


This is the lamb.


These are Burros. You can see a miniature horse in the background.


Here are the goats and another picture of the horse.


They even had a couple of turkeys, although in my Bible, I don’t remember reading about any turkeys. I guess there could have been turkeys there, as long as they didn’t have any pigs, because Jews don’t eat pork. They will eat chicken, but not pork because they consider them to be unclean. I guess they don’t realize a chicken will eat things that would make a hog gag! Oh well, none of my business I guess, that just leaves more bacon for me and you!


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