Cable Television At The New Homestead

23 Dec


This is what our cable looks like at our new home. Yes, that’s right, it’s not hooked up. When we started construction back in June we had the cable company come out and make sure they could provide service. One man came out and measured around the house and said no problem. He even gave us a 1000 foot roll of cable to wire inside the house. He said when we get farther along just call them again. In October the house was in the dry so we called again. They came out and measured and said no problem, we’ll put you on the work schedule. Well, it gets to be the last week in November and the house is complete but the cable is not ready. Sweet Thing goes to the office in person and the woman working the front desk says there is a problem, I don’t think we can provide you with cable service. Sweet Thing has the manager come out and he says well this is a kind of funny situation. Oh, really? The neighbor on your west has cable coming from the west, then it ends at that house. The neighbor on your east side has cable coming from the east, then it ends there, so there is no cable on the poles in front of your house. It will take more than 1000 feet of line to reach your house so we can’t run that much line to provide service for one residence. So then Sweet Thing took him to school on how he needed to change his attitude as he was serving the public. Well, after she got through with him, he decided he would go out himself and measure and see what could be done, and low and behold we just made the criteria this time. He said we would only have to wait 4 more weeks to be hooked up. WHAT! We have been waiting since June, so she took him to school again, now they are coming next week. I told her I had to have my cable before we could move in. Come on cable guys, get with it!


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