You Will Be Forced To Give Up Your Guns And This Is How

21 Dec

First of all, I would like to send my prayers and condolences out to all of the victims of violent crime, and I do mean all crime, not just gun crimes. There is a lot of discussion going on about new gun control laws. But as all good propagandist do, they are controlling the discussion by using language to disguise their true intent. They are not calling it gun control, they are using the phrase “Gun Safety Legislation.” After all, who could possibly be against “Gun Safety”? Right? But any reasonable person must realize, you can not stop a deranged individual, intent on harming someone, with any amount of laws. Nor can you stop the criminal element of society from using illegal guns to commit illegal acts unless you institute such severe prison time for using a gun that one occurrence would pretty much put them in prison for life. With the bleeding heart liberals in control, I don’t ever see that happening.

So now I just want to discuss a few thoughts I have. After the last election I was actually, literally, physically sick for several days. It was not just because my candidate lost (although I really hate to even call Romney my candidate, he was more just (‘anybody other than Obama’) my candidates nearly always lose. But this election was so much more critical to the future of the nation. And since we could not even oust a blatant socialist such as Obama, I now know, no one other than a democrat or an absolute left wing RINO will ever be elected President. I am not disappointed the welfare class voted for Obama, I expected no less. Then you add in the rest of his coalition, feminist, abortionists, homosexuals, etc. and you have his 51% of the voters. I used to think 45% of the people would vote democrat no matter who the candidate was, 45% of the people would vote republican no matter who the candidate was. Then the other 10% of the voters who have no strong convictions would decide the election. Now, I think those numbers are wrong. It is probably 50% democrat, 40% republican and 10% independent. But even if those numbers are true, I still thought we could oust Obama because of the 40% of the eligible voters who don’t vote. I thought there would be enough of them to have a Chic-Fil-a moment when the average man would stand up and say enough! But I was wrong. And that is when I felt physically sick because I realized all was lost for this country. That 40% of the population are truly ‘Sheeple’, who don’t even care enough about this country to have an opinion. They are content to just follow along like lambs being led to slaughter. I guess they think everything will always be OK, just like it has been in the past. They think no matter what happens, the good ole Federal Government will step in and make everything OK. You and I and others like us realize just how wrong they are. But now it is apparent that voting will not solve our problems. So what do we do?

     I have been wondering what the collapse will look like. Will it be slow and painful or quick and sudden? I still think the collapse will either be the radical devaluation of the dollar, or some horrific event such as a nuclear detonation on US soil or all out WWIII starting in the mid-east. I previously thought a sudden devaluation of the dollar would give us the best chance to have radical change in the government, but now I don’t think so. Instead of people looking at Washington and saying “you screwed up horribly, you have to go and go now!” I think people will look at Washington to be their savior, to solve the problem with more people being totally dependent on the government dole. I think any major shakeup in society now will just solidify the governments hold and control over people. I always felt the government would just slowly erode our liberties and freedoms until we were all servants. Now I don’t think it will be slow at all. They have plans in place to deal with the holdouts that refuse to go along with the plan.

In order to completely control the populace, we all know they must remove our guns. A lot of people will say “it will never happen, only when they pry it out of my cold dead hand!” Well, that can certainly happen too. If they asked for my plan to eliminate private ownership of guns, this is what I would do. All of this would be completely legal, particularly if you ignore that pesky little second amendment. But they have that covered now; after all they control the courts.

1.) Do exactly as they are doing now to make certain classes, models, and calibers of guns illegal. Ban all high-capacity magazines and bulk sales of ammunition. This will just be the start of the process.

2.) Declare that all guns must be registered, even the older ones in your possession that were issued before registration laws. After this, ownership of all unregistered guns would be illegal. No guns could be bought, sold, traded, bartered or given away even among private individuals without being registered. In order to keep track of these guns, a certificate much like a vehicle title would be created for each gun. Each gun would need to be brought in to a certain location, maybe the County Sheriffs department for the guns to be registered and the certificates issued. After a short period of time, any gun not registered would be declared to be illegal with substantial penalties and jail time.

3.) Put a small registration fee (tax) on each gun. After all, this registeration process would be expensive to implement and maintain. At first the tax would be reasonable, say $10 per gun per year. Then of course, the tax would rise each year from 10 to 20 to 50 to 100 to 500. Then multiple gun ownership would be too expensive for most LEGAL gun owners.

Now, this is where the fun starts. This is the point where many of the privately held guns would start to be removed from circulation. Those who could not pay the tax would become ILLEGAL gun owners and would be facing serious fines and jail sentences for owning them. How many average citizens are going to look at themselves in the mirror each day and think “I don’t care about the law, I’d rather go to prison than give up my guns.” Especially when they watch the news and see other citizens actually being sent to prison for just having an unregistered 20 gauge for hunting.

4.) Now that you have made most privately held guns illegal, they can start going house to house (with search warrant in hand) to check for illegal guns. And while they are at it, why not just pick them all up with the assurance you will get the legal ones back at some later date after they are checked against the database. You could even pick up all the rifled barrel guns on the pretense of firing all of them and putting the markings in a database for future comparison when a crime is committed. Why should you object, you are not a criminal, right?

At this point, you would have some people who would resist and take that “pry from my cold dead fingers” quote literally. That would not be a problem for the Feds. Ever hear of Waco or Ruby Ridge? They would be more than willing to gun down some civilian, and then pull his bullet riddled corpse out for the entire world to see. Of course, the Main Stream Media would be more than happy to go along and show how the Feds were completely innocent, and were forced to defend their lives after doing everything in their power to avoid bloodshed. All this would be shown on the news and the internet time after time. This would dissuade all but the most hardcore gun owners to toe the line. And if you happened to have some guns you wanted to hide or cache away, what then? You know the old saying “two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead”. Just think of the people you try and convince to start prepping now. What about the ones who just stare at you with a blank look on their face, looking at you like they think you are crazy. What about the ones who just laugh in your face, or the ones who get angry because they don’t want to hear that stuff. Once the government starts offering rewards for illegal guns, don’t you think they will point you out? But the most insidious ones will be when your loved ones start pointing you out “for your own good.” Can’t you just hear it, maybe from your wife or children or parents? “Oh, we love you and we don’t want to see you end up dead like those other gun owners on TV.” One day when you come in from work, the SWAT team will take you down as soon as you walk through your door. Then after your guns are confiscated, and you do your time in their re-education facility, you might just return home to find your money gone as well, maybe even your home. So now you find yourself broke, homeless, and a convicted felon to boot. So now how many of your brethren will be prepared to stay the course and resist? So just get ready, this will be a slow and gradual process which may take 20 years or more. But have no doubts, this will come to pass. Enjoy your guns while you can.


2 Responses to “You Will Be Forced To Give Up Your Guns And This Is How”

  1. lottajoy December 21, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    Everything started with a “FIRST”. There was a “first” Jew put on a train to Auschwitz. There was a “first” gun to be banned. Does anyone see a pattern here, or is it just me?

    For someone as anti-weapon as Obama, he sure is surrounded by a lot of secret service armed through the roof.

    • doublebhomestead December 21, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

      Oh yeah, but you forget they consider themselves to be the ELITE, and the are above any laws intended for the Peons like us. Their answer to that argument is the guards are highly trained professionals, unlike us ignorant, backwoods Serfs who have no concept of the practices of gun safety.

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