Home Cooking

19 Dec

As all of you know, I try to promote preparedness and self-sufficiency on this blog. Many people say all that stuff is too hard and time-consuming, just go to the store and get all the food you want. Well, you really don’t know anything about that food you get at the store. If you grow it yourself and prepare it yourself you know exactly where it has been and how it has been treated. Take this as an example. I have been trying to eat healthier, so I decided to have a Jell-O fruit cup as a snack.


This is Raymundo’s Fruit-N-Gel, should be really tasty. I pulled back the foil top and saw this,


There was another foil top embedded down in the cup. YUMMMY! At least this was something you could see, who knows what kind of stuff is in your processed  food that you can’t even see. Enjoy your next meal!


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