Construction Complete

9 Dec

Or as complete as it will ever be. Do you ever get completely finished when you own a home? Isn’t there always something that needs to be done? Well, we had the final inspection and gave the contractor his final payment. Sweet Thing and I decided to put one more coat of sealer on the concrete floors before we put the wax on them. There were some bad scratches on the floors, especially in the kitchen where they slid the cabinets and appliances into place.



Before and after in the kitchen.



Before and after in the hall.



Before and after in the guest bedroom. Well, you get the picture, there were bad spots all over the floor but now they look better.


They are not perfect but they look pretty good if you ask me.


Sweet Thing even put a few Christmas decorations around the fireplace. I’ll have to remember to not light a fire on Christmas Eve, I wouldn’t want Santa to burn his hiney when he comes down the chimney!

After church today, we went in to check to see how the floors looked. We noticed a couple of spots I missed with the roller so we decided to hit those spots today. The biggest spot was in the master bedroom, so I took my roller into the room and started rolling. That’s when I discovered the floor was not completely dry in there. I felt my shoes sticking to the floor and I thought I need to get out of here, I’ll just roll my footprints out as I back my way out. I took my shoes off but my socks stuck even worse! I took my socks off and walked out barefooted. Sweet Thing took the roller and worked behind me as I walked out. Then her feet started to stick! This sealer is supposed to dry in 4 hours and it had been down for 18 hours, but it is rainy and drizzly today so the drying time is much longer. She said “I sure hope this stuff gets dry by tomorrow, I need to put the wax down because we have furniture coming Thursday.” When I finished rolling the floors yesterday, I pulled the roller off of the pole and put it in a garbage bag sitting on the pantry floor. We didn’t redo the pantry floor because it looked OK. Well, when I picked up the garbage bag I discovered the excess sealer that remained on the roller I disposed of had run down into the bottom of the garbage bag. The sealer melted the plastic garbage bag and a big, sticky, gooey spot was on the floor where the bag had been sitting. I thought she was going to cry she was so upset. I told her it would be OK, I will fix it. She said she was tired of fixing things, she was ready to just move in! That is really the only time she has been upset in the entire six months of construction. She really did a great job because she took care of all the construction details herself, I just came to the site and patted her on the back and said “take care of it” as I left and went to work. I know how she feels, I’m ready to get settled in too.


4 Responses to “Construction Complete”

  1. DFW December 9, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    God bless you both. I remember when we were moving & all sorts of problems kept creeping up, just like yours. It willl all work out in the end, keep the faith & all that. Once you are in, it will all seem like absolutely nothing to you

    • doublebhomestead December 9, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

      Thanks so much, she has really been strong throughout this entire time. I’ll be glad when we get in and can relax a little.

  2. Winston December 10, 2012 at 4:58 pm #


    Way back when I was a builder. Over the years I noticed clearly that the process of building a home led to one of two consequences. People would bicker themselves into a divorce OR they would come together and make it all work. Your adventure brought plenty of smiles my way, I’m proud of you both.

    Now, I am re-tired, or as another has put it, just old and in the way. I still build, but only little stuff and only for mama and me.


    • doublebhomestead December 10, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

      Winston, thanks for stopping by. Yes it has been quite an adventure for us. I as so proud of the way Sweet Thing handled the entire process, and we are both so proud of our new home. We can’t wait to get in and start doing some homesteading activity.

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