Construction Update 49

5 Dec

They finished the tub in the master bathroom. It is an Aquatic Serenity air-massage tub with millions of tiny massaging bubbles!



Doesn’t that tile work look good? The tub is really deep and big enough for two! Sweet Thing and I can get in together and be environmentally conscious and conserve water that way. Helping to save the planet! Following is a short video describing the Serenity Bath. That is not Sweet Thing in the video by the way, I tried to talk her into modeling for our own descriptive video, but she said NO!

Ah, it will feel so good coming in after a hard day working around the homestead and filling the tub with hot water, and just lay back and let those tiny massaging bubbles do their work. AH! I can almost feel it now. I hope we have plenty of hot water due to this;


This is an AC Smith tankless hot water heater, it is supposed to provide enough hot water for the entire house. This will be my first experience with a tankless water heater. They cost more on the front end but are supposed to save money in the long run by just heating the water as you need it. So we are almost there!  I will take some final pictures this weekend after we get everything cleaned up and ready.


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