Safe Room Complete

26 Nov

Some of you will remember the master bedroom, bathroom, and closet are built with concrete walls and ceilings to be tornado proof. We formed the walls with the insulated Styrofoam forms and poured the concrete in the middle.


The walls are over 12 inches wide, with 6 inches of that being concrete and 6 inches being Styrofoam.

You might remember how ugly and industrial the doors looked at first, but now with decorative molding and a little paint they look much nicer.



The doors are made of heavy-duty steel with triple hinges and triple dead-bolt locks with a steel frame set into the concrete. This door has a full length mirror for Sweet Thing, I myself have no interest in seeing myself in a full length mirror, from the neck up is plenty.Nerd smile



Due to the building codes, all bedrooms must have an exit to the outside either through a door or a large window. Sweet Thing said an outside door in the bedroom made her feel uncomfortable and she would not be able to sleep there. So a window it is. That sort of defeated the idea of being a safe room so we had these wrought iron shutters made for the inside of the window. It has a crossbar in the middle but it can still be opened with one motion, per the code. That not only keeps the room storm proof but keeps it intruder safe as well.


Each shutter has 3 hinges attached with J-bolts set into the concrete wall. That should stop just about anything. I guess if an F-5 tornado picked up a piece of granite the size of a beach ball and hurled it directly into the shutters it might come through, but if there is a tornado outside I won’t be standing in front of the window, I’ll be hunkered down in the shower for ultimate protection. Getting closer!


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