Blue Man Group Live!

17 Nov

Sweet Thing recently had a birthday, and as before under penalty of death I can’t tell you which one. We put off celebrating until today so we could go to Memphis to the historic Orpheum Theater. This is a beautiful theater which was built in 1928 and has now been restored to her original grandeur.


We saw a performance by the Blue Man Group a few years ago while we were in Las Vegas and she said if they ever came anywhere close to our home she wanted to see them again.


This might not be a show for everyone, but you never know until you see it. At the very least I think you would say “well, that was certainly different.” We both had an enjoyable day at the theater, and ate dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Oh, and on the way to Memphis we passed a flea market and of course she wanted to stop. I’m glad we did because I found these,


surplus ammo cans. One of the venders had a big stack of ammo cans just like these. They had a little dirt and a little rust in spots on the outside but they were pristine on the inside. When I opened them up I could hear the air suction breaking on the rubber seals. He was selling them for $7 each, no tax and no shipping charges! No way! I should have bought them all, maybe he will still be there some other weekend. So I spent a wonderful day with my wonderful wife, a good way to relax and not worry about the coming apocalypse, be prepared!


2 Responses to “Blue Man Group Live!”

  1. Sweet Thing November 17, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    Wonderful Birthday Week! Thank you Swamp Dog, Love Sweet Thing

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