Dog Feeder Update

13 Nov


I made these dog feeders so I could give the dogs some food without having to go inside the pen. I thought I would give you an update. I attached the tubes to the posts with cable ties, the first thing they did was chew up the ties, I can’t find them so I guess they ate them. I re-attached the tubes with metal u-bolts so they can’t eat them again.


I used 3 of these tent pegs to hold down each bowl, they pulled them up and chewed the plastic heads off of the pegs.


I still think I’m smarter than a couple of mutts so I came up with this plan. I drilled a big hole in the middle of the bowl and two smaller holes for water drainage.


I cut the remaining plastic off of the tent pegs and had this big metal spike.


Then I took a small scrap of 2X6 I salvaged from the construction scrap pile and drilled a hole in the center of it. When I set the bowl on this block, this will elevate the pan off of the ground to drain the rainwater out of it when it rains.  Now I am going to put the dish on top of the wood and drive the metal spike through the hole in the center of the pan. I think this should hold the pan in place and the dogs shouldn’t be able to move it around. I still think I am smarter than they are, we’ll wait and see. Now I need to get busy and fix a pen and house for them at the homestead. The contractor still says we will be in before Christmas!


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