Construction Update 33

1 Nov

The contractor started installing the septic system today. We have public electricity, natural gas, water and cable TV but no public sewer. It was crisp and cool this morning, around 34 degrees, and the soil was much warmer so it started steaming as he piled the dirt up from the hole. It was sort of funny looking, sort of like the dirt was on fire and just smoldering and smoking.




That is where the tank will go. Quite a big hole isn’t it? That would be pretty tough to dig with a shovel. I remember when I was a kid, my dad buried a 500 gallon used, metal fuel tank as our septic tank. We didn’t have a backhoe, so the hole was all dug by hand. And guess who did a lot of digging for the hole. That’s right, me. That is one reason I try to avoid as much shovel and pick work as I can, I think I have already done my share for a lifetime. I wish we had public sewer service available, this system requires 490 feet of drain line as well so it is going to be expensive to install. Hopefully, it won’t be too expensive to maintain, not if it is installed correctly and up to code, as it will be. More to come.


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